VAS Cloud

The VAS Cloud is the first and so far only manufacturer-independent solution for POS devices. All services can be used by just about anyone, regardless of the end device hardware used.

Our services

Innovative cloud platform without certification requirement

We have developed a fully scalable platform that helps payment service providers, vendors and merchants to bring innovations to the point of sale quickly - without the need to develop and certify hardware or platform-specific solutions.

Hardware-independent, fast and cost-effective value-added services

With the VAS Cloud, we offer the supply, activation and maintenance of all value-added services in the cloud. This means that no further updates are required at POS level once the terminal client is installed and ready for operation. All services provided in the cloud are available on all connected POS terminals.

A digital revolution for merchants and payment processors

Additional offers relating to the payment process, including advertising and loyalty solutions, new payment methods and the acceptance of digital vouchers, can be activated quickly and easily at the point of sale and self-service checkout.

One-time integration

With the VAS Cloud, only one initial integration is required per service and per front end via a terminal client architecture.